5 Must-Haves in Your Colorado Wedding Welcome Bags

What are the 5 must-haves in your Colorado wedding welcome bags? How do you figure out what to put in them to make them special for your guests? Welcome bags are THE BEST way to thank your out of town guests for coming and simultaneously set the mood and expectations for your big day. Check out the 5 categories we use to help our couples determine what to put into their bags!

1. Local Treasures

Colorado is ripe with incredible local items that will wow your out-of-town guests. We suggest choosing something local to the area you are getting married or live in and something that speaks about who you are as a couple. We have loved different things like small jars of local honey, high altitude roasted coffee beans, your favorite micro brew beer or wine, or maybe even a soap or lotion that you love! Here are some shops and resources in different areas that you might love to check out!

The Soap Shop -Their bath bombs and homemade soaps are lovely

List of Colorado Breweries -My favorite is the Agave Wheat at the Breckenridge Brewery

Legends Coffee -They also have a coffee cart available for events that we LOVE

Local Honey Sources- One of our brides did them as favors too!

2. Sustenance

Put some snacks and water in your wedding welcome bag! Maybe some jerky or trail mix would be your style. What about each of your favorite candy bars? Get creative with this one and really make it a thank you to your guests!

3. Things To Do

It's Colorado. That should be enough said right there. Here are some ideas of things to do that you could give your guests depending on where and what time of year you have your wedding. You could lay out these resources on your wedding website or give them some specific brochures in their bags. Here are some resources to help you set up your guests for a great vacation!

Skiing, HikingMuseumsNational Parks, White Water Rafting, Snow Shoeing, Festivals, Fall Leaves Sight Seeing, Camping, Downtown Denver, Food

4. Weekend Game Plan

Let your guests know what is going on and when it's happening. Putting together a cute little card stock list with the days and times and addresses of the wedding related things that are happening will help you to receive a lot fewer questions about when and where they need to be. Then they can schedule their fun activities without having to consult you!

Some simple schedule templates and places to order them:

Wedding Itinerary 1

Itinerary Template 2

Wedding Itinerary 3

5. Weather Forecast Heads Up

This is especially true if you're getting married in the mountains! Your guests may not be familiar with how much of a temperature difference there is when you are in the mountains at high altitude. Tell your guests that there may be rain, snow, cool air, wind, or heat and sun. Then they can be prepared for anything. To make sure your guests are comfortable, give them a blanket, umbrella, shawl, or paper fan!

Those are the 5 must-haves for your Colorado wedding welcome bags. Something local, food and drinks, options of things to do, the wedding weekend itinerary, and weather tips!

Good luck and happy planning!