Planning Plus


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A perfect option for the creative couple who are truly excited about being involved in planning their wedding, but need guidance along the way. Privé will act as your wedding planning partner while building a solid foundation for the event of your dreams.

  • Three Planning Meetings

  • Unlimited Phone Call and Email Correspondence

  • To Begin

    • Begin the wedding planning process with idea generation and vision

    • Electronic Wedding Account Set-Up

    • Electronic Resource Kit

    • Copy of Lifestyle Wedding Planner by Briana

  • Vendors

    • Request Proposals from vendors within your budget

    • Overview Contracts

    • Work with vendors to ensure the application of the theme and design elements

  • Event Design

    • Assistance with developing theme, design concepts, color palette and assist in décor selection

    • Includes Unlimited Decor Package ($450 Value)

  • Month Of

    • Attend Final Venue Walk Through

    • Create Detailed Timeline and Event Schedule

    • Create Bridal Party Timeline

    • Confirm and Inform All Vendors

    • Coordination of Ceremony Rehearsal

  • Lead Event Planner and an Associate Planner available for 12 hours on the wedding day to provide the following services:

    • Serve as point of contact for vendors

    • Assist with ceremony set up, décor set up, and facilitate and implement reception set up

    • Give cues for walking down the aisle, grand entrance into the reception, toasts, etc.

    • Coordinate flow of the reception and reception events (first dance, cutting cake, tossing bouquet, etc.)

    • Handle issues that may arise and field questions from guests

    • Coordination of marriage license signing

    • Load gifts, décor, extra food, etc., into assigned vehicles

    • Deliver vendor payments and tips on wedding day

    • Extensive Wedding Emergency kit


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Wedding planning is only a part of your life. This planner is here to help you create that balance to have the best year leading up to the best day of your life!