3 reasons you need a REAL wedding planner (not just an app)

In this digital age, there are a ton of great wedding planning resources out there; however, they do not replace having a real wedding planner. After almost 10 years of planning weddings here are our 3 main reasons why!

1. Real time Q & A

You plan a wedding usually once your entire life. We plan weddings once or twice a weekend. When you are trying to navigate the odd intricacies of the wedding world you will encounter things you have never heard of or thought of before. That's where a wedding planner comes in. When you have an immediate question and need help making an informed decision we are right there and ready with an answer.

2. An Impartial Negotiator or Listening Ear

Wedding stress can bring out the worst in people. Your real wedding planner can offer a listening ear when you need to vent and then calmly talk you down from your wedding panic attack. They are also really great for finding middle ground between you and that relative that is driving you batty.

3. A Person-In-Charge on your Wedding Day

On the day of your wedding, you do not want to be running around setting up or being asked a ton of questions. Wedding planners will set up, organize your troops, orchestrate the ceremony and reception, and then tear down and pack up all your beautiful decorations. They are an invaluable asset on the Day-Of.

You need to have a real wedding planner for your wedding and not just an App. App's are great for helping to keep you and your fiance and your wedding planner organized, but they can't cover everything. They can't answer real-time questions, or negotiate an argument, or tell your wedding party when to walk down the aisle. Invest in a really good and professional wedding planner. You will NOT regret it! Check out what these brides had to say about it! Real Brides Say