Why We Love A First Look

In a very traditional world, the couple on their Wedding Day wait to see each other for the first time until they meet at the altar. It is a very romantic moment and filled with a lot of emotions! Everyone looks forward to that moment when the wedding guests are quiet as the couple makes eye contact when the walk down the aisle begins. There can be a lot of built up anxiousness leading up to that moment, so the wedding guests see a lot of emotion!

Although we love the magic in this traditional way, we REALLY love when our couples decide to do a First Look with each other. They typically take place in a quiet place that your photographer has scoped out for you two to have a moment alone before the ceremony starts. What we’ve seen with First Look’s is that the anxious emotions are let out before your guests see you because you have a moment to take in each other before you say “I Do!” It’s a very special moment on Wedding Day because with all of the hustle & bustle of the set up, with all of the family & friends visiting, it can feel like you never have a free moment with your Bride/Groom! Very often tears are shed and laughs are shared between the couple in this moment as they eagerly await for the ceremony to start!

Over the years, we’ve collected special moments like these from the photographers we’ve worked with. We wanted to share them with you! These are the reasons why the First Look is one of our favorite moments of Wedding Day…Enjoy!!!

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