What Not To Worry About

Yes, you will stress. Of course you will worry. But save yourself from worrying about the wrong things! From my experience in planning 60+ weddings, I have seen my share of worry. But before I share what I believe you shouldn't worry about, let's see how past brides regret spending their emotions.

"I really stressed about dress alterations going wrong, looking silly during the first dance, and tripping down the aisle. But the day of the wedding I realized how silly I was for stressing out. You realize that even if those things do happen, you will have a great day." -Brittany


"I stressed about a lot of small details related to decor that coordinator took beautiful care of, i.e. the tablecloths being slightly wrinkled - which they were, but I doubt anyone noticed. Lesson was to TRUST other people - they want the day to be beautiful too! I didn't need to have precise oversight over everything, delegating responsibilities and then trusting that they would do a good job would have relieved a lot of stress." -Kyla


"In my own wedding planning experience the thing that stressed my husband and I out the most was the guest list. Deciding who to invite and who not to invite based on the venue capacity was incredibly stressful. Then, the day of the wedding we had probably about 10 no-shows, so it was a non-issue, as we were under the max capacity." -Holly


My turn! I would recommend not worrying about the weather. How much time you dedicate stressing about rain or shine does not change the atmosphere! Instead, come up with a solid rain back-up and let your wedding planner implement it on the day of, if necessary. A past bride worded it beautifully, "If you're having an outdoor wedding, be prepared for whatever may come your way, but DON'T STRESS. I could've had a MUCH more enjoyable week leading up to my wedding if I wasn't checking the forecast obsessively. Of course, the weather turned out to be beautiful, and I lost several hours of my life to worry!" -Kyla

Also, do not worry about your guests' (including family's) opinions. Harsh, I know. This is your wedding and you are aloud to plan it as you please. If they are true friends, they will enjoy just basking in your presence and tanning off of your wedding glow.  Heather said, "Old school Italian mother in law insisted that we visit every table...well we missed half the reception. It is your day, enjoy it spend it with your groom. If the guests really must see you, they will come to you! Lessons learned."

Lastly, do not stress about your flower girls or ring bearers "doing it wrong." Whatever they do will be adorable! If throwing petals is too burdensome, give them cute wands to walk down the aisle with. Under no circumstance should you actually give the Ring Bearer the rings. See, problems solved.

Briana Zimmerman