Essential: Wedding Signs

As you're getting your details for your special day put together, I'm wanting to remind you of one in important detail for your guests, an essential, wedding signs!!! We SURVIVE on signs and direction in our every day lives, ranging from driving down the highway to the specials the local diner has! So don't assume that your wedding guests won't need a little guidance when it comes to your wedding day! We have organized all your sign options in this blog as a spring board to your creativity.

Welcome Signs.

A welcome sign tells your guests, "Thank you for coming to celebrate this day with us!" A welcome sign also tells your guests that they are in the right place. More than likely they have never been to your venue before so all directions are welcome.

Directional Arrow.

Remember, sometimes your guests need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to where to go. I'd definitely do a sign that has an arrow pointing out where to go to get to the ceremony site. It can say "to the I Do's" or "Ceremony"..or simply be an arrow!


A card/gift sign will ALWAYS be handy because the first thing your guests want to do is drop off the gifts they bought you or cards they so delicately wrote out to you before the party begins! 

Table Seating Chart.

If you're doing assigned seats or assigned tables, you have to inform your guests of where they are sitting! There are so many fun varieties of seating charts, you can find different options on places like Etsy (P.S. we love Etsy!). Our favorite seating chart trend is walnut stained wood with white calligraphy.

Table Numbers.

Having numbers on tables will help your guests navigate through your delicately designed reception. There are so many fun ways you can design these table numbers! You could have a fancy pattern with your chosen colors printed up! There's also a multitude of different centerpiece decorations that could pair with a printed number! You could also find some fun painted on wooden signs that show which table it is. Be creative and have your table "numbers" be things you and your husband-to-be enjoy doing together!

Place Setting.

Guests really remember their place setting since they are sitting there for a full hour. Giving extra thought to a place setting for your guest will make it a more memorable moment, and they truly are so lovely. A way to do that is to have place cards that go with each setting like this or this or this, but instead of people's names (because that causes so much extra stress) you can have it say "Barbie & Ken January 1, 2019" or something like that! 

Bar Signs.

There are more options than just having beer and wine to drink for your wedding day. Many beverage services will offer a "spirit" option as well. With that, you can concoct a mixed drink of your choosing! Your guests will appreciate having a display to read about your specialty drink option that the two of you designed!

Now we're really going to set you up for success on your wedding day! Our favorite options for where to get any of these signs would be Etsy, Pinterest, Vistaprint, or DIY is always fun, too, if that's the direction you'd like to go! The tip we'll leave you with on this topic is to make sure your wedding signs tie in with the rest of your wedding! For example, if you're vision of your wedding day is leaning towards more of the Rustic theme, having your signs written on wood will fit perfectly. But if your wedding has an Industrial theme, have your signs engraved on plastic and framed in iron.

Thank you for reading our rant about our love for wedding signs today! We hope this helped you get one step closer to your dream wedding! Follow us on Instagram @priveeventdesign for inspiration and blog updates!