Top 10 Beauty Tips for your Wedding

From the professionals, and the Groom

We want to address the beauty questions that we receive all the time. We also wanted to get a guy’s opinion. Here are our top 10 beauty tips for your wedding, as well as our men’s words of wisdom.

1.Create your own beauty care regimen at least 3 months before your wedding. 

MAN TIP – If you don’t wash off your mascara before bed, it does stain the pillowcase.

2. Decide what time of year you will have your wedding.

MAN TIP – Please don’t make me wear a tuxedo in the middle of summer.

3. Sweaty backs and beautiful curls are not friends. If you want to have your hair curly, we suggest pinning it partially or all up.

MAN TIP  – Please don’t do your hair in a style that makes it hard for us to recognize you. If your hair is straight, and you wear it in tight ringlet curls like Shirley Temple, we will be… surprised.

4. Decide between Airbrush or regular foundation.


Pros: Sweat proof, oil proof, non-transferable, 12 hour wear

Cons: Not hypoallergenic, not organic

Regular Foundation

Pros: Hypoallergenic, can be organic

Cons: Not sweat proof, not oil proof, will transfer, not 12 hour

MAN TIP – Just look natural.

5. Highlighting and contouring will prepare you to look gorgeous in every type of lighting.

MAN TIP – What is contouring?

6. Natural, artificial lashes are MANDATORY!

MAN TIP – As long as it doesn’t look like they grew 3 inches then we are okay.

7. Iridescent and sparkle eye make up is out, matte is in.

MAN TIP – We are marrying a woman, not a little girl. Sparkles detract from other features that we love.

8. Invest in some long wear lipstick and bring touch up.

MAN TIP – Lipstick is great as long as it’s not too bright.

9. Pull some of your wedding colors tastefully into your look. 

MAN TIP – No lime green or orange please.

10. Please get your make up and hair professionally done for your wedding.

MAN TIP – Our goal is that you are happy and you are beautiful just as you are. Treat yourself! 

Those are our tips. Just remember that on that day you will be more beautiful than ever. Not because your makeup was perfect or because your hair was flawless, but because your inner happiness will be shining brightly as you walk down that aisle to your future.