Q&A With Your Vendors

Congratulations! You're engaged!! Some of you may be wondering, now what?

After you celebrate your engagement, the next step for you is to choose your vendors for your wedding day! Who is going to bake your cake? How do you want your precious moments to be captured for you to look back on? Who will be planning your wedding for you? Part of this process is knowing the right questions to ask to see if they will be the right fit for you!

We've done some of the dirty work for you! We reached out to some local vendors to ask them important questions, things that make them stand out and reasons why their field of work is important to incorporate in your wedding day to make it special! Here's what we've got:

What are the benefits of having a wedding planner/coordinator?

~"A wedding planner or coordinator is the one to implement all your work! How unfortunate if your hours of planning and money spent on your wedding doesn't actually happen...They also make sure that your wedding day is stress-free! You do not need to answer any questions from your vendors, guests, or over-bearing mother-in-law. Any crises that may arise, your wedding planner is there to solve! You, your family, bridal party, and guests all deserve to enjoy the day which only a wedding planner can ensure!" Glow Events

How do I identify my photography style?

~"My best piece of advice is to find the "look" that you like the best and start with that. Are you drawn to the darker images that have deep, rich colors in them? Or do you prefer the light, romantic photographs that have an airy feel about them? Do you like vibrant colors, or more subtle colors? Do you like dramatic skies or softer landscapes? These are all good questions to ask yourself when looking through images online to decide resinates with you best. You should look through Pinterest or wedding blogs and the more you look, the more you'll be able to pick out certain styles." Sarah Hill Photography

What should my dessert bar include?

~"A stylish dessert bar should include a variety of desserts and flavors for your guests! This way there is a little something for everyone attending your special day! Besides the cocktail bar the dessert bar is the most frequently visited spot of the evening! Your dessert table should also include different types of cake stands/dessert plates along with menus to show guests what they are selecting. Another fun option is to place a few photos on your bar of grandparent's, parent's weddings, etc. Finally, for an extra special touch your dessert table should also include blooms and greenery from your florist to pull in your wedding colors and overall vibe!" Fluffed & Frosted

What is the easiest way to wow my guests with my wedding flowers?

~"Do something out of the box, creative and different! Have a beautiful piece that stands out on a wall or hanging from the ceiling. If needing to stay within a specific budget, one can always offset cost by having smaller centerpieces on the guest tables and let the larger installation shine." MJM Designs LLC

Do I need a bridal preview (trial) for makeup and hair?

~"Absolutely! Bridal Previews are essential in planning out your perfect look for your wedding day! A Bridal Preview allows for feedback from both the Artist and the Bride, and gives time to adjust the look to suit your style perfectly! It also ensures that the personality and vision of the Makeup Artist matches up with that of the Brides desires! Would you buy your wedding dress before trying it on?" Brooke Rock Beauty

Why do I need a videographer?

~"Wedding films have evolved tremendously over the past few years. It's no longer Uncle Bob in the back with a camcorder. Wedding films can be cinematic, completely personalized, and should transport you back to this most important day of your life. That is our goal as wedding filmmakers. Video allows you to see a complete moment, instead of one shot frozen in time, so you can completely feel the emotion. We also use audio from your day so you can relive your vows, speeches and other special moments. A wedding film is a one-of-a-kind heirloom to pass down for generations to come." Lavender Haze Videography

Briana Zimmerman