Themed Wedding Tips

Every wedding should have a theme. It may simply be “rustic” or “boho". Others have a more elaborate theme like Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, or Roaring 20s! Subtle or not, here are some tips for your themed wedding.

The theme you choose should reflect your personal style, it should be special to you. After all, the wedding is only the first step towards a beautiful marriage! Do you and your fiancé love board games? Are you huge Harry Potter fans? Are you and your Groom bookworms? The options are endless, but we believe if you follow your vision and personality, coming up with a theme will be a cake walk!

How To Incorporate Your Theme

Now that you’ve chosen the theme, your next step is deciding how to display your theme on your wedding day. There are many ways to incorporate your chosen theme in your wedding. We’ve got a few helpful and fun ideas listed for you!


Choosing your venue can be tied to your theme! If you’re going for a Beauty and the Beast theme, is there a venue that has the castle feel to it? If you’re going for a country theme, choosing a venue on a farm or a ranch will be a great way to show off your theme!


Typically, the start of your wedding day from your guest's point of view is with the invitation! Have your invitations printed with music notes in the background or your invitation could be a puzzle your guests have to put together!


Centerpieces are a perfect way to include your theme, because there are so many ways you can design them! Your centerpieces can include your chosen color scheme in the floral or you can integrate your soon-to-be husband’s deer antlers he hunted!


Your guestbook is a great way to tie in the theme of your wedding, and a fun way to relive the memories! If you and your fiancé are known for your travels throughout Europe, have your guest book be a globe for your guests to sign! If you both share a love of photographs, your guestbook could be polaroids of your guests that are glued inside a scrapbook!


Another way to incorporate your wedding theme is through your dessert! For our 1950’s wedding published in Colorado Couture 2018, our dessert bar was filled with red pies to not only match the color pallet but the era!

Whatever you decide on, you don’t want your theme to be overwhelming. Your guests should be able to guess what your theme is, but it shouldn't be thrown in their face! If you decided on a simple theme of red, you don’t want everything in your wedding to be red! Our point is your theme will shine brighter if you choose specific pieces of your wedding to reflect the theme.

Having a theme isn’t about appearance, it’s about having fun on the day you say your vows to each other! It’s about starting the first day of married life together with your loved ones and including pieces of your life! We can't wait to hear about which theme you chose! Follow us on Instagram @glowevents for inspiration and blog updates!

Briana Zimmerman