Reasons To Hire A Florist

With the wedding season of 2019 slowing down, we have taken some time to reflect back on this season & years prior. With each wedding, we meticulously planned and thoughtfully designed, whether we were hired for planning, floral, or both! We wanted to shed some light on why we believe it’s important for you to hire a professional florist when you are planning your wedding!

Time Saver.

With the last days leading up to your wedding, there are so many random, last minute things that you need to figure out. Who is picking up the extra bottles of water? Who is picking up Grandpa Joe from the airport? Oh shoot, did I ask my planner to bring zip ties to attach the floral arrangement to the arbor? Are we going to have enough time to finish putting the floral centerpieces together before the rehearsal tonight?

Hiring a florist can help minimize the amount of things you need to do before your wedding. Flowers have a small window of time that they survive before they start to wilt, so they need to be prepared within 24 hours of your wedding day. With having a professional, you wouldn’t need to worry about scrambling to get it done the day before your wedding.


When deciding if it’s worth the money in your budget to pay for a florist, there is a really important factor to consider… you’re paying for their knowledge in the care of the flowers! They will know how to properly create and design an arrangement based on your vision. Florists are aware of how to treat your flowers before, during and after your wedding day. Florists have knowledge of the minor things, for example, keeping the arrangements in a cooler temperature will help them survive longer or how to properly trim the leaves off of your flowers. Sometimes during transport, the flower arrangements will get squished, and the florists will be prepared with a bucket of extra flowers to fix it, just in case!

Delivery and Set Up

Your florist will have the option of adding on delivery and set up for you. We highly recommend you do this! They know how to properly transport your arrangements, they have the proper tools to store and deliver your flowers for you to avoid as many flower casualties as possible! Not only will they know how to handle your floral goods, but it will also save your Mom or Dad in having to make a trip to pick the flowers up!

If you ordered floral arrangements for ceremony and reception, set up will a fee you’re grateful you paid your florist for! You’ve already discussed how you want the pieces to be placed, so you may as well let them do the dirty work for you to set it all up so that it looks just as beautiful as you envisioned! Your florist takes pride in how their arrangements not only look, but also in how they appear in a room or at the altar. They would much rather be the ones to make that final tweak in the arrangements they’ve carefully crafted for you than to just drop them off in a box at the front door!

We ADORE being wedding florists, because we love the creation of something unique for our varying couples. We also love being able to make the Bride shed a few happy tears the morning of her wedding when we deliver her bouquet to her as she’s getting ready. Trust us when we say, hiring a florist for your wedding day will be money very well spent!

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