3 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique. But some people go a little overboard on the concept. Other couples do not know where to even start! Whether you are on one side of the scale or the other, these 3 unique ways to personalize your wedding will work for you!


1. Late-night Snacks

I am not talking about a meal here. It is a good idea to make a dinner menu that delights your pallet; but a unique way to incorporate food is put out you and finance's favorite snack after dinner for guests to munch on! For example, your favorite snack might be Swedish fish and your partners could be Cheese-its. Yum!


2. First Date

No two dates are alike and there is nothing more special than you and your fiance's first date! Incorporate elements of your first date into your wedding! For example, if you went to Coldstone that night, have ice cream for dessert instead of cake. Or maybe you two went to a coffee shop so at your wedding you can have bourbon with coffee at the bar. Remember to make a sign letting people know about this romantic gesture!


3. Think Local

You chose your wedding state for a reason! Show your guests why! Try a locally brewed bear at your bar, locally made chapstick as guest favors, locally sourced honey sticks at the dessert table, or place cards made from shells or rocks you collected together in that state! Anything flies in this category!