Name Change Check List

As we know you've heard, changing your name once you've said "I do" can be a daunting task. Up to this point, you spent countless hours perfecting the details of your wedding day. So we know you're probably ready to take a breather and soak in this magical moment in your life! We did some of the hard work for you and came up with a name change checklist to make this transition easier!

Social Security Card

Once you've signed your marriage certificate, it's time to get your name changed on your Social Security Card! Your SSN won't change, but you will need to submit to the Social Security Administration either via mail or by visiting the local Social Security Office! They will need an application for your name change, proof of citizenship and identity (passport or Driver's License is perfect!), and you'll need to provide your marriage certificate. You're going to be providing your marriage certificate to a lot of places for this process, so we recommend purchasing a folder to keep it safe and sound! Once you changed your name with Social Security, it's officially official now!

Driver's License & Voter Registration

After waiting at LEAST 24 hours after you've reported your name change to the Social Security Administration, now you can change your name with the DMV to get a new Driver's License and to change your Voter Registration! Head down to your DMV with the following: marriage certificate, proof of address, and a payment for name change. You'll also need confirmation from Social Security Administration that you've completed the change with them, either a letter of confirmation from SSA or your new Card! Then... VOILA!


Phew! Now to the less demanding can change your name on your passport! Speaking of passports, keep in mind that if you're traveling immediately after your wedding, your airline tickets will need to stay in your maiden name until you've taken all the proper steps to completing your name change! You can change your passport either through the mail or in person (check to see if you are eligible to change your passport via mail on Either way, you will need to fill out one of your forms to apply for the change, your current passport, marriage certificate, valid ID, color passport photo, and payment.

The Remaining Items

Since you've got the major name changes out of the way, the rest will be a cake walk! Head down to the Post Office, tell them the exciting news of your new last name! Next time you're at the bank, they should know of your name change so you can get all of your bank cards changed. All of your insurances (car, life, health..) all need to be updated with your new last name. Your utilities and bills also need to know of your name change! I think after these last few, you should be in the clear!!

Congratulations! You made it! We hope this helped! Follow us on Instagram @glowevents for inspiration and blog updates!