Kids at Your Wedding!

You have two options when it comes to kids at your wedding. Option one, you have kids at your wedding. Option two, you do not have any kids at your wedding. If you are opting for option one then you are reading the right blog! Here are some tips for having kids at your (or in your) wedding.

Tip One: No matter what they do, they are adorable. Do not stress about the flower girl actually throwing petals as she walks down the aisle. Do not worry if the ring bearer actually makes it to the alter. Whatever they decide to do, it will be cute!

Tip Two: Don't you dare give the ring bearer the rings! Let the little man walk down with cute pillow, a box, or a sign instead. The best option for the rings' safety would be to let the Best Man keep them in his pocket.


Tip Three: With a multitude of little ones invited to your wedding, I suggest giving them something to do. If kids are bored they turn cranky. When they are cranky, the parents will leave. If the parents leave, you won't have a lot of guests left after dinner!  I would recommend creating giftbags for each kid that have coloring supplies, playdough, a disposable camera, mini toys, etc. in them.

Tip Four: Is a babysitter in the budget? They can orchestrate movies, games, toys, and crafts! If your budget is very tight but you want your friends that have kids to come, give them the option of paying a set fee to use the sitters you've hired.

Just remember that kids will be kids. You can take the initial steps to have a kid-friendly event but be flexible on the outcome. What matters most is that you are married to the one you love at the end of the night! 

Briana Zimmerman