Tips For A High Altitude Wedding

If you have a lot of guests that are coming to your Colorado wedding from other states, there are some things we suggest you tell them and some things for you to do for them. Here are our tips for your high altitude Colorado Wedding.

Things to put on your Wedding Website

  1. HYDRATE!! Guests from out of the state do not realize that altitude sickness is very real. Make sure they know that it's important to hydrate much more than they are used to, especially if they are drinking alcohol too.

  2. Chapstick and Lotion. It is also VERY dry here. This is especially important for your parents and bridal party to know since they will be in photos. It would be good for them to remember their own chapstick/hydrating lipstick and lotion so they don't feel as though their skin is sand paper for photos.

  3. Weather. If you are getting married in the Colorado Rockies, remember that your guests need to be prepared for any weather. At your wedding it could be 80 degrees and sunny, raining, hailing, 40 degrees and then repeat. Let your guests know to pack a jacket, and an umbrella if there's rain in the forecast. 

  4. Terrain. Your guests may not understand that your campground wedding requires sturdy shoes and not stilettos. Please tell them.

Tips for YOU to do for your Guests

  1. Welcome Bags. Consider doing baskets or bags with some of the above items included. Stuff like chapstick, lotion, water, or even canned oxygen can be great reminders about what to expect! They can also be very appreciated and sweet gestures. 

  2. Shuttle. In high altitude conditions, alcohol hits harder and faster than it does at sea level. Most people don't know this. Consider providing a shuttle for your out of town guest to and from the wedding location. This helps them not to have to drive on unfamiliar mountain roads and you don't have to worry about them at the end of the night.

  3. Favors. Use parts of the wedding such as the favors as a place for you to help your unprepared guests out. Give out blankets or fans as your programs or favors. This can help make your guests' experience much nicer!

Here are some places to get some of the stuff we jus talked about!

Here is a great couple with pictures of things they did for their guests! Anna & Rich