When NOT to DIY at Your Wedding

DIY weddings are creative and usually less expensive, very appealing to most brides! We have seen some gorgeous DIY wedding signs this past year. Some even made out of copper! But there are times when doing it yourself is NOT the best idea.

Your Wedding Florals

I cannot express to you enough that you should never do your wedding florals yourself. Here are a few stories to prove my point.

One time a bride, we will call her Kelly, and her bridesmaids planned to make their bouquets themselves the day before the wedding. Kelly was so stressed about all the small things she had to do that week like tips, obtaining the marriage license, getting her nails done, and packing for her honeymoon. She was crying in her bathroom when she slipped on some shower water and hit her head on the sink counter. She almost had to go to the hospital! The girls still made their bouquets the day before the wedding and left them on the porch because they needed to still cold and they did not have enough fridge space. That night it hailed and destroyed all the bouquets!

Still not convinced? Another time a bride order her flowers from Costco to make arrangements herself. When the flowers arrived they were brown and wilting! With no other option, they ended up buying flowers at Kings Soopers even though they didn't match her wedding vision or colors.

A different bride did not want to pay for real flowers so she bought fake ones to create her own arch floral arrangement. She crammed so many flowers onto a piece of styrofoam (this is a no no), that it was too heavy to hang right on the arch on her wedding day.

Being a florist is a profession. They spend each day learning, practicing, and gaining experience. Unless you too are a certified florist, there is no way that you can create something as flawless as a professional. The amount of stress and time relieved from your life alone is worth it!


Pictures are worth a thousand words. You want to make sure that these pictures speak! They are timeless! Accounting for a professional in your budget is worth more than any monetary amount just with the fact that they are guaranteed to show up! Photographers take a lot of pride in their work, and they especially know what will look good. Your photographer will definitely be able to know what isn't good for the shots. They will be there capturing that tear streaming down your face as you’re on the dance floor with your Dad. When you're laughing so hard during your Maid of Honor's speech because she's telling the "Remember the time when..." story, your photographer will be capturing that special moment. 

It would be a shame to cut corners in this department by asking your younger brother or someone else who isn’t a professional take your photos with Mom and Dad’s camera. They just wouldn’t know what angle is good or whether the lighting is going to be right. What if they miss your first kiss!? Hire the photographer, you will be thanking them endlessly for the wonderful job they did at capturing your special day.

There are indeed ways to add in the DIY photography to your wedding and still have a professional be there for all of the great moments! One idea is buy a polaroid and have your guests take photos, write a fun memento, and stick it in a guest book! Another idea is purchase some old-school disposable cameras and have one at each table around your reception room! Then you could develop the film and have the fun pictures to look back on later!

Wedding Coordinator

You have spent months, if not years, planning your dream wedding. Not only has your time been spent on your wedding but also a lot of money! It would be such a waste if everything you had planned and spent money on did not happen! Your wedding coordinator will ensure that everything is executed, vendors are accounted for, and all problems are solved. The best part of everything a wedding coordinator does, is that they will be putting out potential fires that arise, all while you and your groom are cutting your wedding cake! Worth the money? Heck ya!

Imagine if your Mom was folding napkins when she was supposed to be buttoning up your wedding dress. Or your Maid of Honor was lighting dinner candles instead of joining the Grand Entrance. Or your Dad was cleaning up a guest’s vomit instead of being there for your Father Daughter Dance. Worst of all, what if you were calling the DJ, asking where the heck he was, when you were supposed to be walking down the aisle! Let your family and friends enjoy the celebration you are throwing for them. Your wedding day should be stress-free and you should be responsibility free!

There are many ways you can DIY at your wedding to save money. There are a lot of WONDERFUL ways that you can make it work with your wedding vision! We just wanted to provide you with a few of the examples of what we believe shouldn't be DIY'ed. To continue adding to your magical wedding day, we believe these aspects to your wedding should be done professionally!

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Briana Zimmerman