Cheap Not Cheesy: Cost Friendly Wedding Ideas

Congratulations! You're engaged! Now that you're starting to plan your wedding, you might be trying to find ways that will cut costs down so that you don't have to completely break the bank for your dream wedding! Well, look no further. We've got the answers you're looking for on how to have a cost friendly wedding without it looking like it's from the dollar store!


Having desserts at your wedding is a complete no brainer. However, bakery items can be a huge chunk of change on your big day. A way to cut costs in this department is to choose untraditional desserts rather than having a large cake. You could have a small cake for your cake cutting tradition and then have mini cupcakes or donuts! They're so cute!

You can also have a cost friendly wedding when it comes to desserts by choosing a less expensive route by going more simple. Simple is IN these days. You can go with a buttercream frosting on your cake instead of fondant, and maybe do without the sugar flowers! That'll help you save some bucks!

Girl, I know you've probably had your heart set on having a bouquet full of roses. Let's think outside of the box, though. Choose floral arrangements that are in season! And please, tell me you are not thinking of going to the grocery store to buy your own flowers! You can absolutely still hire a florist who can cater to what your ideas are, but ask them what is in season at the time of your wedding. Ask them ways that you can cut your costs back but still have your flowers look stunning, beautiful and be of great quality!


A large majority of your costs for your wedding will come from catering and alcohol. Thinking about having nice china? Maybe reconsider to get some fancy disposable dinnerware instead of spending more money on actual china. Also, the larger guest count you have, the more it will cost you for your dinner. You should consider dropping down the amount of guests you're inviting for a cost friendly wedding day.


In relation to alcohol costs, go with a cheaper route. Stick with beer and wine to provide for your guests to choose from. Having liquor at a wedding will quickly add up. If you're having toasts, choosing a cheaper champagne to toast with will hardly be noticed by your guests. They will have their attention on your Maid of Honor crying over one of your favorite memories of the two of you together!

Location, location, location! Oh wait, this isn't real estate! In all honesty, though, your venue is one of the biggest portions of your wedding budget. If you're looking to spare some change, maybe look within your venue choices. Yes, it's incredibly important for your wedding venue to be beautiful. There are so many options, though! So if something feels too price-y, do some research! National parks or city parks make for a great source of saving money when it comes to weddings! If you decide you want a nicer venue, maybe choose one that has it's own character to it! That way, you don't have to buy as many decorations, you'll just let the beauty speak for itself!

These are all simple ideas, not necessarily things you'd think off of the bat that will help you save, but they truly will add up! We are so excited for you and we hope this helps!!

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Briana Zimmerman