4 Bridesmaid "Proposal" Ideas

Getting married is a monumental day, and it wouldn’t be the same without your close family and friends! Every bride knows one of the most important aspects to her big day is having her girls by her side. So why not make your besties feel special, too? Here are a few different ideas on how you could do a bridesmaid proposal!

Photo Proposal: There are multiple ways to use photos in a bridesmaid proposal. One idea is printing out photos of the two of you with your favorite memories together. Then attach the photos to a sign asking her to be your bridesmaid!

If the only photos you can scrounge up are the ones your mom took of you two in the bathtub, why not look into a photoshoot?! Professional or DIY (with your shower curtain as a backdrop) are both fun ideas.

Or, you can make a photostrip on places like Etsy or even Amazon. This idea allows your bridesmaids to keep the momento forever and look back at it throughout the years.

Handwritten Note: Handwritten letters seem to be out of date because it is faster and easier to type! A handwritten note says to a person, “I care about you so much that I want to take the time and effort to do this for you.” If you are someone who is good with words, make a personalized poem or letter expressing your gratitude for your soon-to-be bridesmaid!

Bottle of Champagne: I don’t know about you, but I could always go for a good glass of champagne! Dressing up a bottle of champagne for your bridesmaid-to-be is eccentric and different. Do so by having a unique label printed just for your bridesmaid. Etsy is a wonderful website to have things like this made.

If you are into DIY, you could paint the entire bottle with glitter paint, and then tie a tag with your question around the top of the bottle with some fun ribbon!

Proposal Box: A Proposal Box, you say?! What’s that? In a Proposal Box you can put: a handwritten note, a small bottle of champagne, a memento or picture of the two of you, nail polish equivalent to your wedding colors, a candle with maybe the same scent that your wedding flowers will be, a coffee mug with tea packets, bath bombs... the list is endless!! Just fill the bottom of the box with some cute confetti, and voila!

These are some ways for you to be a bit more creative and to really go above and beyond for your bridesmaids! They were there when you both decided to cut your hair with kiddie scissors, they held your hair back when you had a few too many drinks, and now they will be by your side on one of the biggest days of your life! Putting a special little something together for your very special friends is well worth it!

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Briana Zimmerman