A Fresh Look at Bridesmaid Expenses

Who’s Honor Is It Anyway?

Is it an honor to be a bridesmaid? Or is it an honor to have such a dedicated friend? So loving that you chose them to stand by your side as you get married? A lot of brides see it as one or the other. In reality it is both! A large difference in these views is who is going to pay for the bridesmaid expenses.

If the honor only falls on the bridesmaids you will most likely expect them to pay for everything. Their dress, the jewelry you choose, required pampering, the parties, and the accommodations of the wedding weekend. Man, that adds up! Saying yes to being a bridesmaids also requires a second job to rack up the funds of "such an honor." A lot of frustration and stress will occur from this perspective of your besties.

Or, is it an honor to have such amazing friends? You'll get to enjoy their high-pitched screams as you walk out of the dressing room in a bridal gown. Binge on Nicholas Spark films at your last non-married sleepover. And humoring their attempt at a maid of honor speech!

Honoring your friendships means showing them how important they are to you and your wedding! This perspective may mean that you pay for more of your bridesmaids' expenses. You want them to wear a particular pair of shoes? Gift those heels to her! Did you choose to have your wedding on a mountain top? Pay for their accommodations and transportation. Do you want astonishing pictures? Please pay for your bridesmaids' hair and makeup.

If the thought of adding more expenses to your wedding scares you, my advice is to budget it in at the beginning. That way it is not an "extra expense." It is just a part of your wedding budget. Maybe this means you will have to hire your second favorite videographer whose prices are less expensive. But, I bet your friends are worth it.

Let your bridesmaids use their money to spoil you at your Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party. Most of all, their presence and new attitude at your perfect wedding will pay for itself!

Briana Zimmerman