A Romantic Proposal

Being event planners, we are humbled to coordinate many different events, ranging from corporate parties, birthdays, weddings, and even proposals!! A couple weeks ago, we were blessed to plan a proposal for this lovely couple. Proposals are incredibly special, and our favorite part about being involved in them is the surprise aspect!

When Lorena reached out to us to help her pull off her proposal to Farah, we were beyond ecstatic! From the beautiful floral creation before-hand to the snowy experience on the day of while setting up the surprise, we loved every second! Not to mention, Sapphire Point Overlook in Dillon, CO makes for a breath-taking view!!

Everything was set out and ready to go! The charcuterie boards were set, the desserts were displayed and the hungry chipmunks were chased away! We tucked ourselves away behind the snow-covered trees as we saw Lorena and Farah make their way down the mountain side. Hearts racing, we excitedly awaited to see Farah’s reaction!

We are thankful to have had to opportunity to work with Jennie Crate Photography throughout this adventure! The moments she captured are so precious & special, we are in awe at how beautiful the photos turned out!

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