3 Top Things Wedding Planners Wish you Knew

These are the 3 top things wedding planners wish you knew, but can't say out loud. We obviously can't speak for all wedding planners, but I think we would all agree on these!

1. We are on your side

There may come times in the wedding planning process when we tell you something that you don't like to hear. Maybe something like the layout of tables you want will not fit the number of guests you have coming. Or that you cannot expect your guests to be okay with your wedding starting an hour later than you put on your invites because you didn't want anyone to show up late. The reason we are telling you these things is because we do this every single day and you do this once in a lifetime. If we tell you something like this, it's not because we are against you, it's because we want your wedding day to be AWESOME not AWFUL.

2. It won't all go as planned

Again, we are on your side, but we are unfortunately not fairy godmothers. Our jobs would be so much easier if we were. However, we will work our tails off to make it as perfect as possible. We will even work our hardest to make it so that you don't know if something does go wrong. What you need to do, is concentrate on the fact that you are getting married on that day, and whatever happens, that's what is most important.

3. Marriage First, Wedding Second

If you don't read anything else on this blog post, READ THIS, your perfect wedding day is not as important as the marriage that comes after it. Do not sacrifice your relationships to create your dream wedding. Don't criticize your fiancé for not having the same opinion as you. It's stupid to get into a fight with your mom about the napkin fold. Don't banish a bridesmaid or throw a fit because she found out she's pregnant and won't fit into a bridesmaid's dress. Please, just don't.

After being in the wedding industry almost 12 years these are the 3 top things that wedding planners wish you knew, but would never tell you. Please keep in mind that we love weddings, but we love happy marriages that come afterward even more.